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The most engaging, inspiring & fun science field trip ever is coming to calgary this spring.


The granary road mission

We all know that students grasp lessons faster and have a deeper understanding of subjects when they are fully engaged in the educational experience. We also know that kids like to have fun.

Granary Road is the newest and most engaging edutainment destination in Alberta and possibly all of Canada. The learning points for popular animal and agricultural subject matter are 100% aligned with the Alberta Education curriculum requirements for kindergarten through grade 9. But, Granary Road is not your garden variety classroom setting. Each subject is presented in an exhibit that features giant animatronic animals, interactive learning walls and exhilarating active learning experiences that are completely in-theme with the subject and super fun for kids.

We at Granary Road are on a mission to make learning fun for the students of Calgary and the kids of Alberta. Come join us.  


The granary road experience

Your students will be thrilled as they walk through the 1.5 kilometers of pathways that connect 11 active learning exhibits on 36 acres of beautiful rolling terrain in the foothills of South Calgary. Each of the 11 exhibits features a fully enclosed 30+ student Learning Kiosk. The unique mini-amphitheater design of the Learning Kiosks focuses the attention of your kids on the stage area where they can watch a dynamic 10-minute video on the subject matter of the exhibit. Teachers simply select the video for their grade from the touchpad to start the animated video that has been developed specifically to match the science curriculum for their grade. The stage is also great for live demonstrations and a pre-scripted Q&A session after the video!

In addition to the Learning Kiosks each exhibit also includes several Learning Walls filled with fun factoids and inquisitive interactive stations about the exhibit's subject matter.   


Of course, the main attractions in each exhibit are the awe-inspiring giant animatronic animals, insects and plants that greet your students and send their imaginations soaring. Plus, there are a myriad of active learning play stations with cork-screwing slides, a triple decker obstacle course, mysterious mazes and virtually every type of climber you can think of all ingeniously designed to match the theme of the exhibit.

Granary Road is a truly unique field trip destination where a child's mind is nurtured and their endless energy is spent inspiring their imagination. The Active Learning Park has something for everyone and will easily fill several hours with high energy education. Because of that we've identified shorter 2 to 3 hour programs for each grade that isolate specific curriculum aligned learning points.


Watch the Granary Road Introduction Video


granary road is the active learning field trip destination for calgary students.

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